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#300N - Navigator Chino - Navy Stretch

#300N - Navigator Chino - Navy Stretch

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Chino pants originated from a military uniform and were designed with lightweight fabric and functionality in mind. Thus, they sport pockets that are hidden, legs a bit more tapered for a cleaner line, and cloth that is both breathable and cooler. Chinos are middle ground between formal and casual attire. These have stood the testy of time as a valuable classic in your wardrobe.

The Grand River Chino Collection has unrivaled comfort and performance stretch. We use
indulgent stretch fabric so you will enjoy a natural fit. Tapered legs are trending now as part of your essentials for this year.

Our lightweight Chino’s are easy care fabric in six earth tone shades to choose from.

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Why Grand River

Who We Are

Grand River is a boutique apparel brand that focuses on high quality products while always giving you the best pricing since 1996. We only do bottoms, and we do that very well. 

Our Fit

We are known for our unique fit. Our rises are designed to remove that saggy, baggy fabric that you often see from other brands. Our fit creates a better-looking silhouette on every body type.

Count On Us

We do business with men and women all over the world and have long term customers that won’t go back to any other brand. Grand River is a company that you can always count on.

Customer Reviews

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Woods Eastland

They fit my body shape extremely well.