About Us


Founded as Grand Isle Sportswear in the 1990s in New Orleans, our classic clothing line was created to marry the highest quality clothing with the utmost in comfort. After Hurricane Katrina, we relocated to Mississippi and re-organized as River Road Jean Co. With a strong customer base, the brand has evolved into what it is known today as Grand River Clothing Co. For generations, people have relied upon the rivers for commerce and recreation in both rural towns and big cities; Grand River Clothing Co. promises to keep that ideal alive, bringing you the finest quality clothing, inspired by that American tradition.


We are a family-owned private label brand available at independent retailers throughout the US and worldwide. Grand River Clothing Co. specializes in a variety of jean sizes to fit any size man. Our inventory includes standard sizes, as well as sizes that cater to short men, big men and tall men. We believe that a man’s style is about character above all things and that a man’s wardrobe should offer him the freedom to express who he is.


Our catalog includes many different fits and colors of jeans, to suit any style. Denim has become a modern wardrobe staple and is always in fashion. Whether you’re looking for a jean with relaxed fit for a casual day of running errands with the family, a durable quality jean for work, or a clean cut khaki that you can dress up with a blazer, Grand River Clothing has you covered.


Our lines of jeans are imported and made from the finest quality, guaranteed. We stock all of our jeans and carry over 800 SKUs.




Doing Our Part

Click below to learn more about our partnership with Compel Outreach, an international missions outreach organization.