"I bought three pair to take on a motorcycle trip to the mountains in North Carolina and Tennessee... I’m here to tell they are the most comfortable jeans for motorcycle riding I have ever put on. Their best fit yet. And I own several different pairs of different models from them. 

On a scale of 1-10...
Fit 9.9
Comfort 9.9
Stretch to help get on a motorcycle...10.0

I would recommend you get yourself a pair ... not just for motorcycle riding but for every day wear they can’t be beat." - Charlie (Florida)


"I bought these jeans based upon prior reviews for a trip to Italy in June-- wanted to look a little snazzier on vacation. The jeans fit perfectly and I love the addition of 2% spandex -- it really makes the jeans so comfortable. I found that they were true to size and experienced no issues with the rise or leg width. The jeans look terrific and I would highly recommend them. In fact, after I finish this review I'm buying another pair to have on hand. I think that someone wrote that after you've had a pair of these, you'll never want another style!!!" - Steve (North Carolina)


"Very comfortable fit, no binding or pinching and flexible enough do anything." - Jack (United States)


"I've worn jeans for years, but I have never had a pair this comfortable. I'm going to live in these." - Joe (California)


"I have had this product before. I wear the jeans almost every day. Very comfortable. "They wash and dry easily with no shrinkage. The main reason I bought these is because of the 7-loops for a belt. Like other people I know, I was fed up with jeans companies offering only 5-loop jeans!" - Charley (Oregon)


"My husband just loves these jeans, so mush so that I had to order another pair immediately. He says they are soft, stay put, move with him and he can put his hands in his pockets with no effort. The stretch is just enough to keep everything neat." - Valerie (Utah)


"I'm a large guy and need a lot of room in my thighs and calves. I had been a Levi's guy for years, with some wranglers mixed in too. Well I ordered the same model jeans from both, but one size up, rom both those brands. When I tried them on, they were tighter than the old ones that were a size smaller! Also, the Levi's fabric seemed less substantial than the old.

Still in search of jeans that fit, I ordered a pair of these. These are so comfortable. The stretch eliminates all of the binding issues when bending or stooping down. And get this, the size is correct. These were indeed slightly larger than my old jeans from the other brands.

No idea why those other brands skinnied up the legs on the "big man" sizes, other than to save a few pennies. They lost a customer. I will be ordering several more pair of these after a couple wash cycles are done." - W. Brown (United States)


"This is truly the best jeans I've owned since many years! I've been looking for a stretchy jeans for quite some time, all the ones I tried either had thin fabric or not stretchy at all! This jeans is just ideal. It has the traditional cut of jeans yet very comfy! both fabric and waist have the ability to stretch a bit yet it's still heavy and durable like any regular jeans. It's true to size and fits me perfectly!" - Ibrahim (United States)


"I really enjoy these jeans. They're very comfortable and surprisingly durable so far. Most of the clothing you need once you get to the big/tall section is overpriced and really cruddy quality, but these have held up well." - Justin (United States)