I've worn jeans for years, but I have never had a pair this comfortable. I'm going to live in these.Yes, I recommend this product. 5 OUT OF 5 STARS 
Joe, San Jose, CA

My husband has a small bottom so most jeans float on him. Not these! The fit is nice and snug because of the small amount of Spandex in the fabric. We're so glad we found these in the catalog at such a low price, too. 5 OUT OF 5 STARS!
Kathy, Silverton, OR

Absolutely,Positively the best jeans I've EVER owned. I;ll never purchase Levi's again. They wash perfect and are nearly wrinkle free. The waist size are exact with just enough stretch to allow for a temporary holiday eating benge. lol 5 OUT OF 5 STARS. Better buy them while available!
Jetz, New Orleans

I bought these for my husband through Norm thompson catalog. He loved the stretch in them and the fit was great. 5 out of 5 stars
Jo from California

A few months ago, a man from out of town came into my store and tried on several brands of jeans. He bought the Grand River Khaki stretch. Two months later ,his wife called me from their home in Indiana,requesting we ship them five more pair!! She said that her husband not only threw away all of his other jeans but said" I am tired of washing them every other day. he refuses to wear another pant since he's found this brand". "The fit sells itself".
Retaile, Greenwood, MS

"First, let me say your jeans are the best I've ever come across! I'm a big guy and am losing weight after surgery (nearly 100 lbs to this point), but still buy your jeans because of their fit and quality. I anticipate buying them for years to come."
P. Jerominski

"Hi. I love your big man's black stretch jeans (and Blue ones which I wear around my second house in Brazil). I used to buy from a catalog that sold mediocre jeans. I wish your pockets were deep enough for my whole appointment book because these are the best Jean fit I’ve found. Thanks for your consideration."
J Schneiderman

"We had not still taken time to let you know that we have well received our jeans in France. The size-52-jeans fit very well ! We thank you for your kindness and be sure we appreciate the quality of your jeans."
Helene Leroy and Eric Sordillon

"Just wanted to say thank you for the speedy shipment of the jeans I ordered. In three words........I AM IMPRESSED! I love the jeans, and so far so have many of my customers who have been in. We are having a Holiday Open House this Sunday afternoon and I am starting an introduction promo for the jeans. A new customer bought your traditional fit and about two hours later, he called the store and said:“I have had these jeans on since I got home and they are the most comfortable jeans I have had in FOREVER. Hold me another pair in my size; I will be back tomorrow”Again, thanks for the excellent customer service! I am sure I will be filling in several sizes within the next week or so!"
Sandra /The Male Connection Store

"Hi there and hello from the UK, I have been searching for some BIG sized stretch jeans for maybe the last three years... found a UK store that sold some for a while, not yours though, and they didn't last too long either. I love your fit and quality. Can you tell me, who sells or has stocklists to ship in the UK? Appreciate your helping me!
Richard Higginson

“I just wanted to take a few moments to thank you for going a distance to help me, far and beyond any other jean company would ever do. I have honestly put this pair of jeans thru the test of a lifetime. These jeans are the most comfortable jeans I’ve had on, I can bend without worrying about them ripping no wear between the legs, no fading of cheap dyes. The extra help loops are wonderful. These jeans are the very best I’ve ever seen. You guys are the best. The only complaint I got it, how long it took me to find all this out. I just wanted to thank you and your husband personally. I will be ordering more soon.”
David Morrison

"I got tired of buying the old name brands that were cheapened by all the One Day Sales. Grand River Jean Company is a brand that sets me apart and I'm proud to own them."
Ron Hollier, Baton Rouge, LA

"After years of searching, I've finally found a jean that meets all of my criteria, quality, price and service. Thank You Grand River Jean Company. You're the best!"
Terry Williams, North Carolina

"I am the largest B&T store in the state of Mississippi and I could have my choice of any brand. I choose Grand River Jean Company because of the quality, fit and price. It can't be beat." "Grand River Jean Company's 98% cotton 2% spandex Jeans are 100% biker friendly."
Murray Kornfeld, Kornfeld's in Greenwood, MS

"Since we've carried Grand River Jean Company, we've converted many Wrangler customers. We ask them to try on both their old brand and the Grand River Jean Company's brand. They leave with the Grand River Jean Company Jeans every time. Customers CHOOSE Grand River Jean Company because of style and overall fit."
Deb & Marty Smith, D &M's, New Mexico

"The fit is right, the product is right, the price and service is excellent."
Alan Kurtzman, President of NW Buyers in Lancaster, NY

"Finally...a company that cares about the small business people of America. Exclusive label found in fine men's stores. In-stock premium denim. Same day shipping. Shouldn't you be buying Grand River Jean Company?"
Steve & Kim Koppman, Owners of Grand River Jean Company